adapt, innovate & overcome!

Precision Data Driven Decision

Improve your Trade marketing Strategy. with BIG DATA ANALYSIS & Interactive Dashboards.

adapt, innovate & overcome!

Visualise your Data & KPI’s

Key Performance Indicators & Insights into potential problems or areas of risk. Unanticipated changes to help you determine areas where you want to dig deeper, gather more detail, and make the right decision.

Interactive DATA & ANALYTICS at your fingertips

AVSdatametrics gives you cutting edge solutions.

Analyse your Data in realtime. Close the gaps, identify market trends, Improve your strategy.

Interactive Analytical Visual Dashboards to track your results.

Customised Questionnaires & Surveys with realtime feedback data results helping you to understand your clients better.


Precision Data Driven Decisions.

Adapting to the new world dynamic of COVID19 poses an ever increasing challenge. This is why AVSdatametrics started with the idea of selling merchandising materials and providing data driven solutions leveraging big data analytics as a complement of the trade marketing
strategy of every FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods)company.
We found that this industry has companies that offer the same products and services.

To help you make those tough decisions , we partnered with TuDashboard & QuestionPro as our technology driver to deliver visual data solutions to the wider region.

At AVSdatametrics our vision and focus is to provide interactive Big Data Visual Dashboards to help companies make those precision data driven decisions critical to their success.
Our mission is simple : to help companies “adapt, innovate & overcome!”

Our Services

Visual Data Driven Solutions to suit your needs.

Trade Market Strategy Analysis

Our solutions can helps you focus on identifying gaps and help you improve your brand development . Thus making distributors and retailers to recognise the value of your product, and convince them that helping you to sell your product will ultimately help them make increase their margins.

Customer Retail Census

Android / IOS technology
GPS / waypoints of all outlets
Asset Tracking
Validation & Activation Pictures
Tailor Made Questionnaires
Distribution, Availability
Price Compliance
POSM Materials in / out the store
Consumer Activities

Store Audit

Share of Market
Share of Value
Share of Space
Facing Share
Out of Stocks
Price audits
Consumer Promotions
Audits & Validation

Interactive Visual Data Dashboards

Tailor Made Dashboards to visualise your analytical data, helping you to make the best decisions to improve your marketing strategy.

Customer Satisfaction Measurement

Product Quality
Product Packing
Delivery Commitments
Trading Terms

Interactive Marketing

Engage in one-to-one marketing helping you to understand individual customer\client and prospects’ actions. By understanding marketing initiatives that are triggered by customers’ behaviours and preferences. Our visual data dashboards will help you develop a customer-centric strategy, reacting to customer actions and striving to meet their expectations and demands.


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