Precision Data Driven Solutions to suit your needs.

Adapting to the new world dynamic of COVID19 poses an ever increasing challenge. This is why AVSdatametrics started with the idea of selling merchandising materials and providing data driven solutions leveraging big data analytics as a complement of the trade marketing
strategy of every FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods)company.
We found that this industry has companies that offer the same products and services.

To help you make those tough decisions , we partnered with TuDashboard & QuestionPro as our technology driver to deliver visual data solutions to the wider region.

At AVSdatametrics our vision and focus is to provide interactive Big Data Visual Dashboards to help companies make those precision data driven decisions critical to their success.
Our mission is simple : to help companies “adapt, innovate & overcome!”

Visual Data Driven Solutions


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Identify and Capitalise on Market trends

Powerful and versatile tools for any kind of research you need.

AVSdatametrics understands the critical role data plays and how it impacts your marketing strategy. It is against this backdrop that we have partnered with two well known global companies to power our solutions to our clients to ensure that we go beyond the expected so you can make better decisions. Thus giving you powerful and versatile survey tools and visual dashboards for any kind of research to suit your needs.